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FBA118nj Fairburn Agate Specimen


FBA118nj Fairburn Agate Specimen features peach, white, and red banded agate. This specimen is river worn and rubbed with mineral oil to bring out the natural pattern. 

2.6 x 2 cm / 1  x .75 in

14.5 g / 0.5 oz 

Fairburn agate is the state gemstone for South Dakota. These agates were originally named after a prolific locality 10 miles east of Fairburn, South Dakota, in the southern Black Hills area. Fairburn agates occur in a broad elliptical belt extending from Creston in Pennington County, South Dakota, to near Orella in Sioux County, Nebraska. These days the area is more restricted with the fields covering thousands of acres of very stony land, and most of it is rugged terrain, well decorated with cactus, weeds, and cedar trees. Fairburn agates are noted for their strikingly contrasted, thin bands of wonderful natural colors. The color patterns are generally yellowish-brown with narrow opaque white bands, or dark red with white bands. However, another beautiful combination shows salmon-pink bands alternating with white bands. Other colors included in these agates are black, yellow, grayish-blue and milky-pink.