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COY397pr Coyamito Agate Specimen Pair

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COY397 Coyamito Agate Specimen features tan, tanslucent blue, and white agate with a quartz center and pseudomorphic inclusions.

Polished faces measures 3 inches in diameter

Weight: 1.35 lb.

Coyamito agate nodules have the reputation of being small and colorful. Of all the banded agates found in Chihuahua, Coyamito is considered the closest relative to the Laguna agate. Like Laguna agate, Coyamito is characterized by colorful tight banding. Most Coyamito nodules are hollow and the color strength is in the outside banding. Other features include pseudomorphic agate, which is agate replacement of aragonite (see essay), and tube formations. Agate pseudomorphs are usually rare, but are common in Coyamito agate. Coyamito agate is found about thirty miles north of the Laguna agate deposits in Chihuahua, Mexico. It is found in multiple deposits, most of which are located on the Coyamito Ranch. Forty years ago, agate was collected and mined on the Coyamito Ranch, La Gregoria Ranch, El Agata Ranch and probably the El Sueco area and sold as Coyamito Agate. This resulted in a variety of agate referred to as Coyamito. However, most of the strongly colored agates come from two areas on the Coyamito Ranch; Los Alamos and La Sonoreña.