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Agua Nueva Agate, Select 50lb Lot - #5

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Agua Nueva Agate, Select 50lb Lot - #5 contains fifty pounds of Agua Nueva Agate, select material from the 2019 mining operation. This material contains the rare bright purple and orange agate in addition to the colorful banded agate and bright moss Agua Nueva Agate is renowned for. Each lot contains pieces ranging in size from 0.25 - 10 pounds and averages about 40 pieces per lot. 

This material is wonderful for a variety of purposes. The smaller pieces are great for cabbing due to the bright color and tight banding. Many interesting specimens are possible too especially with the agate tube formations, and the larger pieces are great for slicing for slab purposes. 

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*All photographs are of the material you will receive in your lot. Photos are taken wet and dry.