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The Gem Shop, Inc.’s Summer Fossil Hunt Contest for Kids

 The Gem Shop, Inc. Fossil Hunt Contest 2020 Results

We are so pleased to see that so many children took interest in the contest and hope they enjoyed getting out into nature, hunting for their fossils and learning about them as part of the entry process. The Gem Shop, Inc. would like to thank all participants for their time and effort and congratulate everyone on a job well done.


And the Winners Are…

1st Place- Sophie Schumaker

2nd Place- James Brennan

3rd Place- Brennan Holloway

Best Wisconsin Fossil- Elliot Wise

Most Unusual Fossil- Sophie Schumaker

Fossil Found Closest to The Gem Shop- Elliot Wise

Fossil Found Furthest from The Gem Shop- Jonas Curtis

Best Fossil by a 1st Grader- James Brennan

Best Fossil by a 2nd Grader- Gladys McAdams

Best Fossil by a 3rd Grader- Sofia Reimche

Best Fossil by a 4th Grader- Miles Wise

Best Fossil by a 5th  Grader – Aiden Lumley

Best Fossil by a 6th Grader- Brennan Holloway

Best Fossil by a 7th or 8th Grader – Abigail Matson

Best Fossil Coral – Miles Wise 

Best Fossil Shell- Aiden Lumley


Winning entries will be on display at The Gem Shop, Inc. the entire month of October.   We ask that all fossils be picked up by December 1st.

Again, we'd like to express our appreciation to all the parents for encouraging their children to take part in this contest; which is meant to get young people involved in the world of fossils and minerals. We hope everyone had fun in their searches!

The Gem Shop, Inc.