The Gem Shop beads are cut from our own stock of rough agates and jaspers. The rock is selected for color and pattern and shipped off to expert bead cutters. This selection process allows us to produce beads of exceptional quality. Some of our beads are cut from rock that comes directly from our own mining operations. These beads are exclusive to The Gem Shop and cannot be found anywhere else.

Full strands are about 16" long. One half and one quarter strands are also available for creative mixing with other beads on jewelry projects. The pendant beads are individual center piece beads, and most of them are cut and polished in our shop in Cedarburg. Be sure to check our Cabochon page for matching cabochons to go with your bead project.

Our Free Form Pendant Beads are exceptional tumbled slabs which have been hand-selected and drilled for focal beads. Many of these pieces have natural edges and irregular artistic shapes. The selection here represents a sample of many of the exotic agates and jaspers we cut and polish.

Our rectangle beads are cut from our selected material. We choose rocks from our vast selection of rough and cut thick slabs for our beads. We mark and trim the slabs and send them overseas to be finished by skilled cutters in Hong Kong. Every bead is chosen by our lapidary department.  All pieces are approximately 40mm x 30mm with a 2mm hole drilled through the longer dimension (top to bottom). The shape of the drilled face is a long oval. The thickness of each piece is about 6mm to 7mm at its widest point.



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