May 22, 2015

Salvia Chalcedony & Memorial Day

Salvia Chalcedony

      Salvia Chalcedony is a newer material found in a small deposit south of Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico. The material is found in small nodules containing a white powdery matrix between layers of harder rock.  The color ranges form a purplish gray to a deep purple color.  It is perfect for cabbing and specimens!  We have new Salvia Chalcedony specimens and cabochons. The rough material is available in three different grades.  #1 rough has deep purple color and sells for $40/lb.  #2 rough has medium purple color with black and red inclusions.  5 lb. lots are available for $75.00.  The third grade material has light purple color and sells for $6/lb.  Discover Salvia Chalcedony:




Memorial Day

     Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, and there will be much to look forward to this summer at The Gem Shop.  Our annual Fossil Hunt Contest and Summer Sale will be here soon, keep an eye on future newsletters for more info.  It is also a great time to spend in our backyard digging through the barrels of rock.  The Gem Shop will have normal business hours this holiday weekend, but will be closed on Monday the 25th for the holiday.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!