December 04, 2013

Rainbow Sapphire Sale & Festive Friday

Rainbow Sapphire Sale  

     The holiday savings continue at The Gem Shop!  Starting today, Dec. 4th - Dec. 10th, all Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry is 20% off.  In addition to the pieces we have on sale in the store and on our website, any piece on is also available.  If you see a piece on the Rainbow Sapphire website that we do not have, let us know and we can get it for you at the sale price.  This deal is for this week only, so don't miss out to save on some of the most exquisite Sapphire Jewelry made!  Check out all of the Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry on our site:

Festive Friday  

     Families have been having fun at our Festive Fridays the past couple of weeks!  Be sure to join us this week for Festive Friday on Dec. 6th at 7pm as we will be doing a Glacier Demonstration with ice cream.  Learn how glaciers shaped Wisconsin landscapes.  Stay after the demonstration for a cup of "Glacier Ice Cream"!   This Festive Friday event is FREE!  Check out all of our holiday events on our site: