November 14, 2013

Kentucky Agate Book, Designer Pendant Beads, & Christine Marie Claim

Kentucky Agate Book  

     Introducing the new book, "Kentucky Agate: State Rock and Mineral Treasure of the Commonwealth" by Roland L. McIntosh and Warren H. Anderson. Kentucky Agate is the first book to showcase the unique mineral, treasured for its fine grain and vibrant banks of deep, varied colors.  Kentucky Agate reveals locations where agate may be found.  Featuring full-color photographs showing aspects of the rock not visible to the naked eye. The book also provides detailed information on the history, geology, chemistry, and formation of the mineral, giving collectors and Kentucky nature enthusiasts a stunning look into the world of agate collection and the hidden story of the breathtaking formation of the official state rock.  This book will be available within 1-2 weeks.  Reserve your copy on our site:  Books make great gifts!


Designer Pendant Beads  

     The Gem Shop website has new designer pendant beads available!  These designer pendants are polished on all sides and have a 2mm hole drilled on the side.  Perfect for beading or wire wrapping, these beads make great focal pieces.  The pendants are available in Imperial Jasper, Madagascar Dendritic,  Agua Nueva Agate, and many other stone options.  Check out all of our designer pendants on our site:

Christine Marie Claim Video  

     The Gem Shop's latest video is now on our YouTube channel!  Gene Mueller was in Oregon this summer visiting the Morrisonite area and was interviewed at the Christine Marie Claim.  The Christine Marie Claim is one of five Morrisonite claims in the area.  Gene Mueller mined the Christine Marie for 11 years and this interview provides a historical background on this claim.  Watch the Christine Marie Claim video on our YouTube channel:

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